Karno Splinter

C$ 150,-
C$ 250,-

C$ 300,-
C$ 450,- *
C$ 950,- *




Services & Rates 

I would love to shoot your wedding, do a family shoot or take photos of your business e.g. for a website or promotion.

My hourly rate starts at C$60, in some occasions a package might be more valuable, they include :
- Travel time and expenses for any location in the Vancouver lower mainland, except for any parking/toll costs.
- Post processing of photos taken. 

  • Family/Portrait package, 2-3hrs shoot and a fun time,
  • Business package, 3-4hrs of unwinding time at the office, 

  • Engagement shoot, 3hr package,
  • Wedding shoot, half day (4hr) package,
  • Wedding shoot, full day (8hr) package,

* Whenever I do a wedding shoot I usually meet the couple in advance to talk things through and get to know each other. 
   If possible I would like to meetup at the venue where the wedding is going to take place so I can prepare myself for the        BIG day as well.

For any other requests feel free to contact me, and just like "there's a ring for any finger there's a shoot for any budget."